Local Advisory Board

Gaddesby Primary School is a proud member of the Bradgate Education Partnership. Bradgate Education Partnership (BEP) is a local multi-academy trust, which provides significant support to our school.

CEO – Gareth Nelmes
Website – bepschools.org
Telephone Number – 0116 478 3426
Address –
Bradgate Education Partnership
Trust Offices
Wreake Valley Academy
Parkstone Road
​LE7 1LY

For all details related to the Trust Board of Bradgate Education Partnership please click here. 

Information on Local Advisory Boards and Governance documents can be found on the Trust website here –


Statutory information including Trust governance arrangements can be found here –

Within our school at a local we are supported by a local advisory board.

The local advisory boards key roles are:-

To work with the Headteacher to support the strategic development of the school so that our children continue to receive the very best education, develop their self-esteem and respect for others, and remain safe and happy.

The LAB members at Gaddesby Primary School meet as a full board at least four times per year term to discuss a wide range of topics including school policy, curriculum, pupil progress, and safeguarding. Our Local Advisory Board is made up of Parents, Co-opted/community advisors  and Staff members.

Our LAB members are also invited to visit the school whilst lessons are in progress and also to monitor a wide range of the other aspects of the school. LAB meetings are recorded and copies of the minutes are filed in school.

All of our LAB members have access to high quality training which enables them to improve their skills and keep them up to date.

LAB members also play an active part in school life by attending events such as sports day, school trips, parents evenings and performances.

​All of our LAB members were appointed by the local advisory board. Parental and staff appointments are made by election.

Contact Details for the Local Advisory Board Chair
Mrs Christine Comber is the chair of our Local Advisory Board. To contact the chair of our board you will need to speak to the school office on 01664 840253, e-mail at office@gaddesby.bepschools.org or in person in the school office who will arrange an appointment.

Complaints Procedure

If you have any concerns or complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact the School Office (office@gaddesby.bepschools.org) and request an appointment to speak to the Headteacher or the Chair of LAB. Please see the policies page for a copy of our Trust complaints procedure.

Governance arrangements

Please find a document detailing our LAB members roles and attendance at meetings for the current year and our register of interests here.