Our Staff

Mr Leigh Fox

Deputy Headteacher
Miss Annalee Toon

Miss Katie Stansfield

Foundation Stage
Miss Katie Stansfield and Mrs Laura Meredith
Miss Stansfield leads the Foundation Stage with Mrs Meredith. They are supported by Miss Lisa Mundell.

Year 1
Miss Amy Garratt
Miss Garratt teaches year 1. She is supported by Mrs Melanie Coulthurst and Mrs Faye Walker.

Year 2
Miss Hill
Miss Hill teaches Year 2. She is supported by Miss Ellie McGuire.

Year 3
Mrs Fiona Dewick and Miss Leanne Simms.
Mrs Dewick and Miss Simms teach Year 3. They are supported by Mrs Walker and Mrs Coulthurst. Mrs Walker also leads our Food Technology curriculum.

Year 4
Miss Roxanne Smith
Miss Smith teaches year 4. She is supported by Miss Hannah Foster and Mrs Keren Ellis.

Year 5
Miss Annalee Toon and Miss Leanne Simms
Miss Toon and Miss Simms teach Year 5. They are supported by Mrs Keren Ellis.

Year 6
Mrs Jo Linnett teaches year 6 she is supported by Mrs Nikki Pohl and Mrs Keren Ellis.

Office Staff
Mrs Perks – Office Manager
Mrs Curtis– Admin Assistant
Sarah Welch – Business Manager

Premises Team
Mr Paul Marriott
Mrs Zoe Thomas
Mrs Kim Shaw

Kitchen Staff
Mrs Tracey Wain, Mrs Shirley Green, Mrs Lynne Allsop, Mrs Zoe Thomas and Mrs Kim Shaw

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Walker
Mrs Pohl
Miss Mundell
Mrs Weaver
Miss McGuire
Miss Foster
Mrs Coulthurst
Mrs Ellis

Pets Corner Co-Ordinator
Mrs Weaver