Vision & Values

Gaddesby Primary School –  A place to thrive


Through a nurturing environment, a carefully considered curriculum and a sense of community Gaddesby Primary School is committed to ensuring every young person becomes a well rounded and successful individual who can make a difference to the local and wider community.


Our nurturing environment ensures children are safe, happy and stimulated. Children’s physical and mental well-being is at the core of our ethos.

Our carefully considered curriculum is planned to be progressive, ambitious and to develop a culture of curiosity and creativity whilst supporting children to become successful learners.

Our sense of community is built upon positive relationships, open communication and mutual respect with children, parents and the wider community.

We embrace our Gaddesby values, foster and celebrate children’s individuality and offer a range of opportunities to  ensure children become well rounded successful individuals.

Our Gaddesby Values are at the core of everything we do – you can find them listed below.

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Good attitude to learning – Positivity

Always be respectful – Respect

Dare to dream – Aspirations

Discover new things – Curiosity

Everyone working together – Teamwork

Show resourcefulness – Resourceful

Be Creative – Creativity

Yes you can – Resilience