Hello everyone.

Due to unprecedented times, we are unable to run our Autumn term phonics information workshop for parents. As this is not possible, we have put together some online information videos for you. We hope you find these tools useful.

If you do have any burning questions, or would like further information on phonics, please email your child’s class teacher. We are always available to help!

Miss Stansfield, Mrs Meredith, Miss Garratt and Miss Hill


EYFS Phonics

At this time of year we would generally be inviting you in for a phonics workshop. Unfortunately, this year, that isn’t possible, so here is a little video on what phonics is and how we teach phonics at Gaddesby Primary School.

KS1 Phonics


Phonics Workshop PowerPoint— Attached is the PowerPoint that we would generally deliver to parents. Contained within are little games that you can have a go at, at home. There is also a list of some handy websites that you can access at home.

Please watch this video to help you in your articulation of your sounds at home. Dirty sounds– put them back in!

Twinkl PowerPoint-– if you would like a little extra bedtime reading, this PowerPoint is incredibly useful in providing you with more information on phonics.


Count the phoneme game— how many phonemes can you spot?

Phonic information crib sheet— Attached is a document that summarises some of the information on our video for you.

Reading ideas for parents

Learn which sounds are taught in each phonics phase

Year 1 Phonics Screening— At the end of Year 1 your child will complete a phonics screening. This is nothing to worry about and we do lots of practising before the screen takes place. ​

EYFS Handwriting block letters

Year 1 Handwriting rhymes

Gaddesby EYFS Reading information booklet

Gaddesby Year 1 Reading information booklet